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Over 40 years across dozens of markets and customers

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Data-driven, customer-centric, creative and differentiable

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Projected, predicted, tested, measured & reported by satisfied clients

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For all marketing initiatives which benefit best customers

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What we Offer

Marketing Strategists is an independent consulting practice focused on the responsible design and enablement of your best customer and loyalty marketing strategies.

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Over 40 years across dozens of vertical markets and customer segments


Data-driven, customer-centric, creative and differentiable.


Projected and predicted, tested, measured and reported by our highly satisfied clients


For all best customer initiatives and the challenge to inspire engagement and advocacy

About Us

Marketing Strategists bring more than 40 years of experience to the Marketing Services industry. As a result of our experience, we carry substantial customer behavior and loyalty marketing expertise with extensive vertical market knowledge gained from serving clients in the following sectors:
– Financial Services especially payment markets
– Retailers including Petrol and multi-channel operators
– Hospitality and Gaming
– Technology, telecommunications and industrial
– Consumer products
– Health care and pharmaceuticals
– Marketing services providers

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Marketing Strategists engage with clients?

The business provides Marketing Consulting services to large corporations and emerging enterprises. Consulting services generally consist of strategic business planning, market planning and segmentation projects, new product development research, database marketing design/implementation services and loyalty marketing support. Clients in 2017-18 include US and foreign corporations in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. All projects begin with a detailed assessment of client objectives, expected deliverables, timelines, budgets and whether or not Marketing Strategists can help. Should the client situation warrant, a formal proposal is submitted. All quotes are in US$.

Service delivery is performed both remotely and in-person by the consulting team. Consulting contracts and/or specific “Statements of Work” govern the terms and conditions of the consulting engagement in most situations. Client authorization to work is generally received in advance of the start of consulting services delivery via a signed contract, signed statement of work or e-mail authorization to proceed under the terms and conditions proposed. Some clients require formal Professional Services agreements which stipulate specific terms governing non-disclosure, intellectual property ownership and non-compete/non-solicitation clauses. Travel expenses are billed to the client at cost – authorized by the client in advance and consistent with their standard travel policies.

Consulting engagements are delivered on a project-basis, with fixed fees for specific project deliverables. Other engagements are delivered on a monthly retainer basis. Occasionally, the consultants will be paid on an hourly basis. Projects are generally of a short-term (less than 60 days) duration, or retainer agreements with terms of up to one year.

Do you provide consulting services outside of the US?

Marketing Strategists’ international experience is extensive including client engagements and the delivery of loyalty education workshops in the following markets:
• Europe
— UK, France, Greece
• North America
— US, Canada
• Latin American & Caribbean
— Jamaica, Brazil, Mexico
— South Africa, Turkey
• Asia Pacific
— Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, New Zealand

Principal consultant, Michael T. Capizzi, co-authored Loyalty Trends for the 21st Century (European Retail Digest, 2004) and was an original faculty member for the Templeton College, Oxford University (UK), Loyalty Marketing Workshop for Executives.

Are references available upon request?

Marketing Strategists is a results oriented practice and has achieved a 100% client satisfaction rate. Currently, over 90% of all practice revenues come from repeat business. Specific references are available upon request.

How do we work together - in person or via email and phone?

Most engagements require at least one face to face session, typically at the onset of the assignment. This is followed by a series of off-premise meetings and reviews of the material and recommendations prepared by the consulting team. These interim sessions are conducted over the web with screen sharing tools and plenty of interaction. Timing and frequency of these interim sessions depends upon the statement of work but could be as often as weekly. Formal status reports are issued during this period with needs of both the consulting team and the client indicated and roles/responsibilities assigned.

On larger, longer term engagements some interim sessions may also be held in person. At the conclusion of the engagement a final session is held and deliverables are reviewed either in-person or over the web. All deliverables become the property of the client.


Here is what a few of our clients have said

Excellent consultant, strategic, thinks both sales and marketing. Strong knowledge base across verticals. Great resource for venture capital and private equity audiences, in addition to clients who are marketing services providers.

Bill Goldberg, CEO

He will evaluate an existing program and he will tell you out-right if you are better of shutting it down; he will design new programs that have a real shot at a positive ROI. He is highly analytical and bases all his recommendations on hard data (and solid experience, of course) rather than hype

Susanne Hensel, Executive Director

He has a depth of knowledge and understanding of Marketing that has enabled him to take what most of us take as “expert” to the next level, in terms of being able to deliver and measure proof positive results for his clients

Christine Wright, Analytics Consultant

My clients always give outstanding remarks whenever they attend Mike’s Loyalty training courses. It is an absolute pleasure to work with him!

Peter Joseph, Manager

Marketing Strategists - 40+ years of experience

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