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Loyalty Academy
What are the characteristics of the ideal loyalty marketing professional?
As part of our work at The Loyalty Academy we are often asked by clients on the verge of launching a new or enhanced loyalty initiative to assist them in identifying marketing talent who can take over the on-going management of the program. Whether assessing the skills and abilities of inside associates already working for the client, or seeking to fill the position from the outside, questions often emerge about the ideal profile of a candidate for the position.
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New research from IBM concludes that GDPR and changing consumer attitudes are causing companies to re-evaluate everything they do with personal data. One unexpected result maybe a decrease in the amount of data collected, stored and analyzed for marketing purposes, including loyalty programs.
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The gaming industry has long been a leader in designing and implementing loyalty marketing programs. Slot clubs, table game rating systems, concierge services and total enterprise tracking systems (gaming, hotel, F&B, entertainment and retail spend) have all been featured characteristics that have enabled casino operators to learn more, do more and increase the yield from their best customer programs while constantly serving their patrons.
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Retail Apocalypse
Could macro socio-economic trends be the real driver of retail woes in the US Market? Or is it all to blame on Amazon, e-Commerce and lousy merchandising decisions? What role do customer loyalty initiatives play in all of this? Lots of questions but our search for evidence never stops. An in-depth study recently released by global management consulting firm, Deloitte, offers some important clues.
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Can AI deliver?
At the recently completed 3rd Annual Loyalty Academy Conference, featured speaker Dr. Rachel Royal from Owens Corning engaged the audience with a conversation starting session on AI and its future in loyalty marketing. The discussion was lively following Rachel’s outline of where we are and where we likely going with AI.

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Customer Centricity
The “alleged” retail apocalypse has fostered a plethora of commentary and insight regarding changing customer expectations and what merchants can do about it. While the verdict is still out regarding new strategies, practices and technologies to help retailers truly become customer centric, the loyalty marketing discipline remains at the forefront of the revolution – assuming retailers act rather than talk.

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